Sunday, January 31, 2010

A letter to Eddie

Dear Eddie Izzard,

Your show last weekend was excellent! We bought our tickets back in September of 2009, so there was a sufficient amount of anticipation leading up to the performance. We were a little concerned about going to Oracle Arena to see you; Oakland, as you may know, doesn't have the greatest reputation. Lucky for us, you have a ton of fans who joined us on the train ride in. It's a good thing, too, that public transit worked out because special event parking is apparently $30. I know you probably don't have any control over that sort of thing, but maybe the next time you go on tour you can pick a venue in our area that doesn't gouge its visitors quite as much. We even abstained from buying refreshments and made do with the water fountain because Oracle charges $4.50 for a mere soft drink. That's highway robbery.

Despite our thirst, we enjoyed seeing you live and in person. The blue lights, big screens and energy of the audience were cool. We wondered why you weren't wearing as much makeup as in the past, but we know you're not on stage to do a drag show. We understand that you are a comedian who happens to be a transvestite—of the "action" and "executive" variety, of course—and we appreciate your abundant intellectual funniness far too much to linger on such superficial details. And, yes, we know you fancy women. Besides, we deduced that makeup probably doesn't go very well with facial hair, which you now have in good quantity.

Thank you for sharing your impressions of a raptor and a jazz chicken. Thanks for revealing more astute observations and commentary about history, religion and life. (We especially like it when you question and poke fun at religion.) Most of all, thank you for giving us a heaping dose of entertainment. We hope to see you again soon.

Two friendly fans in Northern CA,
Cherie and Serafin

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  1. I freaking love Eddie Izzard!!! Do you have a flaag?