Friday, December 18, 2009

My little bluebird

Here's the newest little member of my collection: a 1938 Hermes Featherweight. Isn't it gorgeous? I still can't get over how small it is, but at the same time I love that it has a metal chassis and a sturdy feel. Its case measures about 11 inches long x 11 inches wide x 2 3/8 inches high, to give you an idea of exactly how tiny it is. The original color was some sort of drab olive green, I think. Well, who cares, because this new coat of paint makes it look pretty darn spiffy. Dean Jones in Louisville, KY, is responsible for cleaning, tuning, and painting this one for me. He's a top-notch typewriter guy, and I'd recommend him to anyone looking to acquire a working, useable machine.